Happy Wednesday you all! I've been a little quiet around here lately but still a lot is happening. Who knew starting a business while homeschooling three littles, and keeping up with the house, oh and paying attention to my husband would be such a task? (Insert laughing/crying emoji here).

Yeah, yeah, so there’s a lot to do, and I won’t lie that sometimes it gets overwhelming, but I enjoy it all so much that I will just keep on going. So what has been going on, you ask?

Well first, my logo has finally been sent off to the graphic designer. This was not easy, as I kept second guessing myself and redesigning, but now I’m really happy with where its landed and glad I took my time. I’m also working on patterns and fittings for my women’s and little girls clothing line. My girl is the cutest model and loves helping mama with her business, so I had to share some photos. Keep in mind that these fabrics will not be in the line so don't be misguided. Instead except all the dreamy, cool colored linens. Last but not least, I’ve got a few home goods going up on the shop that I am so excited to share. While the clothing line takes a bit longer since I’m doing it all myself, I figured I should get some of the home goods out for you. Did you guys know I worked part time (very part time) at a local antique shop? This gives me inspiration and a chance to pick the best goodies for you all.

I’m also spending some time wondering what you all would like to hear about on this blog? More about starting a business and the steps involved? Homeschooling? Home life? Marriage? Leave a comment below and let me know what’s important to you. I really love hearing feedback from you all.

Thanks for being here and have a happy hump day!