Living Intentionally vs. Planning

I don't know about you, but I'm a planner. When it comes to running a household, homeschooling my three babes, and starting a new business I'd be pretty lost without the ongoing stack of to-do lists and calendars keeping me on track.

I spend a lot time meal planning, picking out books and curriculum for our school year and scheduling the right time to start each one, setting aside family time and time with friends, date nights, and work plans. Picking out my planners and notebooks bring me a lot of joy. Plus, who doesn't love that feeling you get when you've crossed out everything on that said to-do list? Well... I haven't had that feeling in a long time, but that's OK. 

Something I've learned in my years as wife and mother is that living intentionally is not the same as planning. It's not staying on that plan, or crossing all those things off your to-do list. Living intentionally is more about making the most of your day, enjoying the people you love, slowing down a bit, and focusing on what's most important.

To me, this means throwing the plan out the window and heading to the park for a picnic consisting of nothing but ice cream cones and races in our bare feet (true story), or pushing back lessons for a snuggle and a good heart to heart on the couch, or baking cookies from a package instead of from scratch like planned because the baby pooped all over the floor and your wiped (wiped... haha, mom jokes, I'm so funny!)

Now don't get me wrong, planning has it's place. That darn thing called adulting is real, and some things just have to get done. But I urge you to slow down when you can, don't panic when things don't go as planned, or when you have to kick that plan to the curb for the things and people you love. 

"Each moment is all we need, not more" Mother Teresa