Halloween might be my favorite holiday. I mean, any excuse to dress up and beg for candy is a win in my book, and when you’ve got three tiny side kicks to do the begging part on your behalf, you can’t go wrong. The highlight for me, though, is definitely dressing up, and this years costume was hubby’s choice. If you’ve never seen Bob’s Burgers then it won’t mean a thing to you, but we sure had fun making all his dreams come true. If you’ve got a quirky, sarcastic, and loud sense of humor then I highly recommend checking this show out. All year he’s been looking forward to bringing the Belcher family to life, and because our kids fall in the right order and gender we really couldn’t deny him this opportunity. With the help of our super talented neighbor and friend who took some last minute photos, we will remember this forever. The kids favorite part was celebrating with burgers and shakes while watching the show (which I don’t recommend as this is not a kid friendly show - oops, parent fail).


On a side note, we always let the kids pick out what they want to be on the day of Halloween. (That is something too special to take away from them.) But finding something to do as a family, something everyone can enjoy together, is what we we remember as we grow up. I love finding simple ways to create fun memories for our family - time together is what’s most important.