Halloween might be my favorite holiday. I mean, any excuse to dress up and beg for candy is a win in my book, and when you’ve got three tiny side kicks to do the begging part on your behalf, you can’t go wrong. The highlight for me, though, is definitely dressing up, and this years costume was hubby’s choice. If you’ve never seen Bob’s Burgers then it won’t mean a thing to you, but we sure had fun making all his dreams come true. If you’ve got a quirky, sarcastic, and loud sense of humor then I highly recommend checking this show out. All year he’s been looking forward to bringing the Belcher family to life, and because our kids fall in the right order and gender we really couldn’t deny him this opportunity. With the help of our super talented neighbor and friend who took some last minute photos, we will remember this forever. The kids favorite part was celebrating with burgers and shakes while watching the show (which I don’t recommend as this is not a kid friendly show - oops, parent fail).


On a side note, we always let the kids pick out what they want to be on the day of Halloween. (That is something too special to take away from them.) But finding something to do as a family, something everyone can enjoy together, is what we we remember as we grow up. I love finding simple ways to create fun memories for our family - time together is what’s most important.


Happy Wednesday you all! I've been a little quiet around here lately but still a lot is happening. Who knew starting a business while homeschooling three littles, and keeping up with the house, oh and paying attention to my husband would be such a task? (Insert laughing/crying emoji here).

Yeah, yeah, so there’s a lot to do, and I won’t lie that sometimes it gets overwhelming, but I enjoy it all so much that I will just keep on going. So what has been going on, you ask?

Well first, my logo has finally been sent off to the graphic designer. This was not easy, as I kept second guessing myself and redesigning, but now I’m really happy with where its landed and glad I took my time. I’m also working on patterns and fittings for my women’s and little girls clothing line. My girl is the cutest model and loves helping mama with her business, so I had to share some photos. Keep in mind that these fabrics will not be in the line so don't be misguided. Instead except all the dreamy, cool colored linens. Last but not least, I’ve got a few home goods going up on the shop that I am so excited to share. While the clothing line takes a bit longer since I’m doing it all myself, I figured I should get some of the home goods out for you. Did you guys know I worked part time (very part time) at a local antique shop? This gives me inspiration and a chance to pick the best goodies for you all.

I’m also spending some time wondering what you all would like to hear about on this blog? More about starting a business and the steps involved? Homeschooling? Home life? Marriage? Leave a comment below and let me know what’s important to you. I really love hearing feedback from you all.

Thanks for being here and have a happy hump day!

Living Intentionally vs. Planning

I don't know about you, but I'm a planner. When it comes to running a household, homeschooling my three babes, and starting a new business I'd be pretty lost without the ongoing stack of to-do lists and calendars keeping me on track.

I spend a lot time meal planning, picking out books and curriculum for our school year and scheduling the right time to start each one, setting aside family time and time with friends, date nights, and work plans. Picking out my planners and notebooks bring me a lot of joy. Plus, who doesn't love that feeling you get when you've crossed out everything on that said to-do list? Well... I haven't had that feeling in a long time, but that's OK. 

Something I've learned in my years as wife and mother is that living intentionally is not the same as planning. It's not staying on that plan, or crossing all those things off your to-do list. Living intentionally is more about making the most of your day, enjoying the people you love, slowing down a bit, and focusing on what's most important.

To me, this means throwing the plan out the window and heading to the park for a picnic consisting of nothing but ice cream cones and races in our bare feet (true story), or pushing back lessons for a snuggle and a good heart to heart on the couch, or baking cookies from a package instead of from scratch like planned because the baby pooped all over the floor and your wiped (wiped... haha, mom jokes, I'm so funny!)

Now don't get me wrong, planning has it's place. That darn thing called adulting is real, and some things just have to get done. But I urge you to slow down when you can, don't panic when things don't go as planned, or when you have to kick that plan to the curb for the things and people you love. 

"Each moment is all we need, not more" Mother Teresa





Hi guys, my name is Katie, and I'm really glad you're here. 

I'm married, mothering and homeschooling three wild kiddos, and [finally] starting something that I have dreamed of for a very long time. My love for simple products and commitment to intentional homemaking has driven our household for many years, along with this dream to open my own shop.

"Like wildflowers, you must allow yourself to grow in all the places people thought you never would" E.V. 

Sometimes, it is ourselves who hold us back the most. It is ourselves telling us that there is no need for us here, or that there is no room for us to grow here, that they already have what we have to offer. 

I am so excited to share this journey with you. It is my hope to encourage you to follow your dreams, to be among the wildflowers, because there is room for us all, we all have something to offer. 

Here, I will offer you a glimpse into my life as wife and mother, the steps I take to launch this shop, and soon, simple products for you and your home, including handmade clothing as well as handpicked antiques. It is the simple things that make life beautiful.